Executive Home Builders

For 30 years JHD Homes has been building premium executive homes — and a reputation for unparalleled excellence. JHD Homes builds houses to the highest standards, as they would for themselves or their own family. Since 1988, JHD Homes has built and sold close to 100 homes. These timeless homes sell quickly, regardless of the market.

Malkiat Dhami takes pride in the company’s approach: “We’re not the fastest builders. We take our time, and make sure it’s done right. We are highly detail-oriented, and we have to be happy with the final product.” Each of the company’s executive homes has been built to meet stringent expectations, with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Over the years, the Dhamis have identified the most desirable lots in the best neighborhoods in Vancouver West. They have always commissioned the most elegant designs and sought out the best finishes. They knew their houses had to meet their own demanding criteria — and would be bought by clients with exacting tastes.