Malkiat Dhami and Sons

Malkiat Dhami immigrated to Canada in 1975 having earned multiple degrees in his home country. He started out in the lumber industry, moved into real estate – reaching the top 1% in sales of B.C. agents – and founded JHD Developments in 1988. Malkiat’s two sons, Jesse and Harp Dhami joined the business in 2006 and 2010, respectively.

Before joining their father in the family business, Jesse and Harp both graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Business Administration and obtained their Chartered Accountant designation. Jesse and Harp worked in various senior levels corporate positions before joining JHD. Jesse learned the business from the construction side and now serves as Vice President of Operations, and Harp serves as Vice President of Marketing and Sales.


Business Professionals

As highly educated professionals, Malkiat and his sons excel in budgeting and project management. Over the years they have developed deep insight into materials, costs, feasibility and scheduling. They orchestrate each detail so projects meet the highest standards while staying within budget and on schedule. That translates into superior quality, enduring value, and peace of mind for their clients.

Building a Quality Business

The JHD Homes motto is, “Quality First”. When the company started, Malkiat Dhami had a choice to make: he could mass-produce cheaper houses, or opt to build fewer high-quality homes. He chose quality, and has never looked back.

Malkiat’s choice has resulted in a successful 30-year building career for the Dhami family. Today more than ever, JHD Homes focuses on quality first in every build. That’s why they’re the chosen builder for executive homes in Vancouver.

Going Further

In 2017, Jesse and Harp expanded the business offering discerning clients a chance to have an unique JHD Homes custom built home. Utilizing their team of devoted and skilled craftsman and their sharp business acumen, JHD  offers to individuals the same experience and attention to detail found in their outstanding executive builds.